A quick summary and insight into every day I spent hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2021.

If you’re ever wondering what the day-to-day is like when doing a long trail, well, here is a quick snippet of every day I spent on trail.

DayStarting mileCamping mileMilesCommentsTown
102020Lake Morena to Mount Laguna – Forest had an accident
2204222Feet got completely wrecked
3425715Met Sam – ran out of water..
4577922Made it to JulianJulian
579812Spent most of the day in Julian – cowboy camp for the first time – met Sarah
68110120Made it Mile 100!
710111817Stopped at Warner springs for a hot dog – passed Eagle Rock
811813719Continued hiking with Sarah and Sam
913715417Made it to Paradise ValleyParadise Valley
1015417016nice hiking day, high desert
1117018010Made it to devils slide, down to IdylwildIdyllwild
121801800Passed Acton KOA – made it to Agua Dulce – Reunited with sparkle + trail family – slept at mexican restaurant
1318019010Hiked 10 + 5 off trail miles – summitted Mt.San Jacinto
1419021222Down fuller ridge, extremely hot – First trail magic (Mama bear) under I10
1521223018Still incredibly hot – made it to white water river
1623025020Lots of climbing and heat – down 14 lbs
1725026515Made it Big bear, got picked up by Kenny and stayed at his house – great trail angelBig Bear
1826527813Great Breakfast at Kennys – body feels better – startedd hiking at 2pm
1927830123Reached mile 300!
2030132019Made it to the hot springs – first toe nail fell off
2132034727Longest day yet – passed silverwood lake – Reached Mcdoanlds a little off trail –
2234736922climbing all day – Made it to Wrightwood! good general store – stayed at trail angels house (Anita)
2336940940Hiked 7 Miles out of Wrightwood – had to hitch around trail closure from fire in previous year – bryan(TA)
2440943627worst night yet, slept with clops and quite man, we all hated it! so cold and windy
2543645418Passed Acton KOA – made it to Agua Dulce – Reunited with sparkle + trail family – slept at a Mexican restaurantAgua Dulce
2645447824Night hiked the aqueduct to avoid the heat – sleeping at wind farm..very windy! started getting back pain
2747851739Hiked 15 miles – had to do a road walk – hitched most of the way – made it to mile 500! got to hiker town!Hiker Town
2851753518In the night hiking schedule – 6 miles in the morning and the rest at night – got stomach sick, had intense diarrhea and ran out of TP
2953555823In the night hiking schedule – 6 miles in the morning and the rest at night – got stomach sick, had intense diarrhea, and ran out of TP
305585668Made it to Tehachapi – resupplied – went out for Pizza, got a ride back in a Tesla from Rick (TA)Tehachapi
315665660Zero-day in Town resting in the hotel all day – Sparkle jumped ahead
3256658216Good hiking did miles in the morning, rested all day, and continued in the afternoon – body felt tired
3358260523The heat continues to get worse and the water carries are insane – rough day both physically and mentally for everyone
3460562116Clops got her poles stolen – we missed the water source and had to backtrack. 40-degree weather and no shade – started feeling sick
3562164019Continue to feel sick because of the heat – stayed at water cache all day – no shade and tarp did work
3664065616Made it to Walkers pass – hitched to Ridgecrest for lunch and went to a kids water park – Im over the desert – got back on trail feeling betterRidgecrest
3765668125Passed the 25% completion mark – hiked with Endless and QB – still on the morning and night schedule
3868170221Passed the 700-mile mark! made it to Kennedy Meadows – ate at grumpys and stayed at the general storeKenny Meadows
397027020Zero-day in KM – resupplied – got bear canister – new shoes – stomach still a bit sick
4070271614Started the Sierra! backpack is pretty heavy due to Bear Canister
4171673317Solid day of hiking with Clops and Joe
4273375017Got a bit cold in the morning – made it to Chicken spring lake, and slept there
4375076717Good day Hiking, good views and lots of water – Hernia is concerning
447677703Hiked 16 miles off trail – summited Mt.Whitney (highest mountain in the lower 48 states)Mt.Whitney
4577078717Lots of climbing – Passed Forester Pass (highest point on PCT) – got off trail to go to sequioa national park
4678778710Hiked 10 Miles off trail and into Sequioa natinal parkSequioa Park
477877870Zero in Sequioa – no showers, hard resupply and were lucky to find fuel – stressful zero, didnt really rest
4878778913Hiked 13 miles back up to trail – long day of climbing
4978980920Reached mile 800! went over Glen Pass & Pinchot Pass so much climbing and lots of mosquitos
5080982819Went over Mathers Pass, Got rained on last night so gear was wet packing up –
5182885022Went over John Muir Pass – last shower was in Tehachapi.. – lots of passes!!
5285087020Went over Selden Pass – passed John Muir trail ranch – Mosquitos are out of control
5387089121went over Silver Pass – reached 1/3 of the trail – keep having stomach problems – intense switchbacks
5489190514900-mile mark! – made it to Reds Meadow – hitched into Mammoth Lakes – did laundry, resupply, and ateMammoth lake
559059116Slept in , got food, hitched back to trail and hiked 6 miles
5691193019Ate lunch at Thousand Island Lake – first time getting permit checked
5793095020Went over Donohue Pass – made it to Tuolumne Meadows – Separated from ClopsTuolumne Meadows
5895097424Went over Benson Pass – started hiking with Bottleneck, Tide
5997499824Went over Seavey Pass – went swimming at wilma lake – hiked with chopper, planner, brown sugar,
60998101719Reached 1000 miles! – Went over Sonora Pass – Favorite day -hitch to KM north, dropped off bear canister – went to bridgeportBridgeport
611017103114Left Briidgeport – had first rain storm – lots of hail, but it was fun hiking
621031105726Great hiking day – Got trail magic from Chipmunk – hailed at night
631057108225Great hiking day – Got 2 Trail magic – overall great day
641082109614Made it to South Lake Tahoe – resupplied,ate and got back on trailSouth Lake Tahoe
651096111822Went over Dicks Pass – rained on us – felt grumpy and tired before getting to camp
661118114022Solid day of hiking
671140115212Got free beer at Donner Pass – it was Joe’s Bday – went to Mexican restaurant – stayed at TA backyardTruckee
68115211520Full zero , got vaccinated, resupplied, stayed in hotel with Joe, 5-star and lightining
69115211520Full zero, did some errands, felt bad from the vaccine, Clops reunited and slept with us
701152117220Got a hitch back to trail with Joe, 5-star and sweet pea – muscles felt sore
711172120533Reached mile 1200! passed Sierra city – massive climb at the end – chaffing was brutal
721205122621Slow hiking day, felt tired and sore from yesterday – very happy with tramily
731226125327Really hot day – majority of the day was hiking through burns – Siesta at Fowler creek
741253127017Made it to Quincy, hitched in and resupplied, ate and had ice creamQuincy
751270129525Made it to Belden (town is now burned down) – went swimming – the heat continuesBelden
761295130510Got to Gordons Trail Magic – it Started raining ashes so we got off trail – Hitched to Chico , slept thereChico
77130513050Hitched to Chester to meet with the rest of the crew – took day off due to dixie fireChester
781331136534Went through Lassen national park – had lunch at drakesbad ranch – went swimming in lower twin lake
791365139328Got to Old station and had awful pancakes – watched a nice sunset – decent day of walkingOld Station
801393141522Passed 1400 miles – made it to Burney – resupply, shower, hung out at church – shoes are overworn and hurtingBurney
811415144025Saw Burney falls – passed Britton dam – first-time I’ve cried on trail, feet are killing me
821440147030Saw Burney falls – passed Britton dam – the first-time I’ve cried on trail, feet are killing me
831470149828Had a nice faceplant fall – good trail and weather – Saw a bear cub and mama bear in the tree
84149815013Made it to bus stop and into Shasta – passed 1500! – ate, resupply, rested and got new shoes (Topo)Shasta
851501152625Feet continue to hurt – spirits are not high…
861526155832Feet and blisters were brutal today – hicked with bottleneck most of the day – made up cool new song
871558158628Podcasts got me through the day – Missed Carmens bday and that hurt alot
881586160216Made it to Etna – went swimming in town and resupplied – passed 1600! feet continue to get worse – cried again
891602163230Running on Iboprofine – Podcasts got me through the day – camped alone for the second time all trail
901632165624Hiked alone all day – mostly downhill, overgrown with blowdowns – not enjoying hiking or the trail at allSeiad Valley
91165616560Stayed in Seiad Valley at a Train Angels house (Doug) farmer. slept in Yurt , really nice and relaxing
92165616560Continued to stay in Yurt healing and resting my feet
93165616560Drove from Seiad Valley to Medford to meet up with the crew. skipped some miles and missed the border 🙁Medford
94165616560hung out at Air bnb in Medford with the crew, continued to rest, resupplied, ate and had a fun time
951720174222Got back on trail feeling a lot better – hiking with clops and Joe, 5star
961742177331Got Trail magic – feet feeling better – some cool lava rocks surprised me – slept at fish lake camp ground, TA gave us dinner
971773179926Nice trail – smoke from fires continue – feet feel better – chaffing is out of control
981799182021Hiked through huge burn forest – Air quiality was brutal – Everyone is mentally and physically exhaustedCrater lake Campground
991820184121Great hiking day – hiked around Crater lake – went swimming in Crater lake – great chill day with good fun – much needed
1001841186625Had breakfast at diamond lake – 2 trail magic – trail was pretty easy
1011866189630Had lunch at summit lake – good day, slowly feeling better – nights are starting to get colder
1021896191115Got to Shelter Cove, resupplied, went swimming and hung out most of the day – reunited with big birdShelter Cove
1031911194736Passed a lot of lakes and burned forest – nice day – new PR for miles – went swimming in Dumbell lake
1041947197629Nice trail and Forest – went swimming at lunch – saw Obsedian Falls – manageable pain
105197619837Hiked into sisters – Lava rocks killed my feet – ate, resupplied, restedSisters
1062046206317Skipped up to Ollalie Lake due to fire closures – hiking with planner, brown sugar, Thankful and journey
1072063209229Really smokey day and felt long – Saw Mt.Hood for first time – went swimming at Timothy lake
1082092211624Made it to Timberline lodge for all you can eat breakfast – Lots of climbing today and river crossing – passed Ramona fallsTimberline Lodge
1092116215027Made it Cascade Locks – Saw Mt.Hood, Mt. Helen & Mt. Adams – took alternate eagle Creek – went swimming – really nice dayCascade Locks
1102150216717Slow morning in Cascade lock – resupplied and left – passed Bridge of the Gods – good climbing after that
1112167219831Hiked with Planner most of the day – had lunch at Panther creek – took alternate and saw Panther creek
1122198221517Hiked with Planner again – reached meeting point to meet Trail Angel and got a ride back to Portland to meet with cousins
113221522150Bought new shoes – Rested all day in Alejandro’s house in Portland
114221522150Hung out in Portland – went to farmers market and saw trail family – went to Trail days and then hitched back to Portland
115221522150Continued to rest – Missed dads 60th bday which kinda sucks – Alexus and Juana arrived today!
1162230224515First day with the cousins – nice trail – good views and weather!
1172245226520Woke up with frost all over! packed up everything soaking – nice day of hiking with good views and great company
1182265228318Went over Cispuss pass and Goat Rocks – by far one of my favorite sections – Cousins are hurting but loving it
1192283230118Passed 2300! made it to white pass and went to Kraker Barrel gas station for food – Juanas first hitchWhite Pass
1202301231918Cold and wet morning – Juana is doing good, Alexus struggling – Weather cleared up and had a good last full day of hiking
121231923267Dropped off cousins at Chinuk Pass – got trail magic – stayed at sheep lake waiting for tramily – did some shrooms
1222326234822Hiked alone all day – nice weather – made it to Mike Ulrich cabin and waited for tramily – feels good to be reunited
1232348237830Rainy cold day – feels good to be reunited with the tramily + new additoin first class and dirty knuckles
1242378239416Rained all night and everything was soaking! – made it to snoqualmie where first class parents picked us upSnowqualmie
125239424017Resupplied, ate, hungout , got back on trail in the afternoon and did a few miles
1262401242928Fantastic morning hike – amazing view and I was incredibly happy!
1272429245728A lot of climbing – went over Piper pass – hiking with Dirty Knux most of the time – ate lunch at Deception Lake
128245724658Made it to Leavenworth , good bakey, resupplied and slept thereLeavenworth
1292465248318Hitched out of town – Got stung by a bee – trail continues to be beautiful and challenging with all the climbs and downhills
1302483251128Breakfast at lake Sally Ann and a quick swim – good weather – freezing water – passed 2500!
1312511254130Went skinny dipping in Mica Lake – lots of climbing – had burrito night with knux and Mozart
1322541257231Hiking with Mozart and Knux all day – passed the less than 100 miles left – got to Stehekin but missed bus..Stehikin
133257225720Zero in Stehikin – ate, laundry, resupplied and hung out at the Bakery
1342572259220Long climb most of the day – Tripple trail magic day – Started to rain so we got a ride to Mazama and went out for drinksMazama
1352592261321Back on trail after breakfast – passed 2600! – nice views! went over Methow Pass
1362613263825Passed Harts Pass – did Mushrooms so lots of fun – saw a bear – set up camp for the next 2 days
1372638263830Hiked 15 miles to the finish – Isabel was there and it was amazing!! best way to finish ever – hiked 15 miles back to campCanada!
1382638262315Hiked 15 Miles back to Harts pass – made it before it started raining – Dirty knux dad picked us up and drove us back to Mazama