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Growing up in the countryside ignited a passion inside of me that I wouldn’t realize until later in my life. It wasn’t until after I finished university that I started hiking and spending more time outside. This led to the realization that it was in these moments when I most enjoyed life. They provided a space where I was fully able to be myself and genuinely enjoy the moment.

Ever since I realized that, I’ve been making a conscious effort to be outside as much as possible. From short weekend camping trips to month-long trekking adventures.

Now, I’m using this website as a way to document all the different hikes I’ve done and will do! I plan to talk about the different gear I use, the behind the scenes planning required, and of course, the hike itself. Hopefully, providing valuable information for people that want to do these hikes but aren’t exactly sure how and where to start.

Recent Hikes

Pacific Crest Trail

The Lost City

Parque de los Nevado